Falling Tree Forces Us to Replace Our Old Gutters

A tree fell during the last windstorm we had here. It just caught the edge of the gutter on the front of the house and ripped the whole thing off. It looked like major damage, but it was not really that bad. The tree did not make contact with the roof or the wall. It just had one branch that grabbed the gutter on the way down like a falling man trying to right himself. We needed to replace our gutters anyway, so I looked online and found the gutter guys website. They have custom gutters they roll at your house. Each gutter is made to the exact length you need. I was going to buy gutter pieces from a home supply store and make a new gutter. This is so much better. No leaks later on!

I was actually annoyed by a leak in the gutter over our porch at a seam. It is nice to have it replaced with new gutters from the gutter guys website. Plus, we were able to pick from 22 available colors rather than having to stick with the standard white, brown or red you find in home supply stores. Another plus is the matching downspouts and gutter guard mesh. The mesh is made of aluminium and keeps the debris out of your gutters. Our old gutter guards were made of plastic. They looked really bad after the first summer season we put them up.

That old tree could have wreaked havoc on our house, but it just did some damage to the landscaping and pulled off the gutter up front. Now we have all that fixed and have new gutters all the way around the house. The new color goes so much better with our newer tile on the roof we had replaced last year. The colour gutters, downspouts and gutter guard from the gutter guys website is a real home improvement.